How we created the 2023 collection

“Fashion for a more sustainable world”

When I decided to create my brand, I knew that I would rely on the best professionals in the sector. Arenas counts on a team of professionals with a huge experience. Thanks to a combination of talent, experience and resources, we are able to offer our customers the best in high-end swimwear.

How was our 2023 collection produced?

The fabrics

Quality is very important in swimwear fashion, the materials we use are durable, comfortable and resistant to chlorine and the sun. We prioritize quality over quantity, which is why we have created an exclusive and limited collection.

The quality of our swimwear is determined by a series of factors that are very important to us andthe fabric, of European origin and manufacture, is one of them. Along with the fabrics, the protagonists of this collection are their colors and prints, which make our designs unique.

The desigh process

Our way of working and creating our collections sets us apart and the pattern making is anotherpattern making is another fundamental factor in the quality of our collections.

To ensure our swimwear is comfortable and flattering, we design our collections with 3D technology. We create designs and patterns that fit a variety of figures. It is important that our clients feel comfortable and flattering in our swimsuits/garments.

This way of working makes our designs better and more exclusive, it allows us to take risks and innovate, with virtual tests. This helps us reduce CO₂ emissions and material waste.

Our garments are created in our workshops in Spain.

We use strong stitching and high-quality details to ensure our swimwear is comfortable and durable.

For Arenas it is very important to reflect our philosophy through our work, in a sustainable and transparent way.